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About the fahari collection

WE'RE Travel Noire, an award winning boutique travel company THAT reaches 2 million travelers a month. WE HOST transformative experiences to help travelers journey deeper. 

Fahari is a feeling — the brimming-with-gratitude wave that crashes over you as you witness the world’s most beautiful places.

Fahari is an experience — the grace of connecting with people, it's the momentousness of fulfilling a lifelong promise to see those places and connect with those people.

But life itself is a complicated journey, full of unexpected roadblocks and surprising moments of joy. Career-changing achievements. Life-altering transitions. Babbling grandbabies and best friends that have known you for decades.

There’s plenty of beauty and meaning to be had without ever leaving home. And as you navigate the adventure that is your life, your dreams of seeing the world get pushed aside.

You’ve lived a lot, accomplished a lot, taken care of a lot of other people. Isn’t it time to fulfill that promise you made to yourself? Aren’t you ready to see the world?

When Travel Noire Experiences launched in 2015, our mission was to provide backstage-pass access to the world’s most beautiful cultures and inspiring destinations. Over the past few years, we’ve had the honor of creating lifelong memories for thousands of travelers just like you. 

Well, sort of.

As our itineraries have expanded to include 8 destinations from Bali to Zanzibar, we’ve noticed an unintended trend taking place — most of our travelers are on the younger side. And while we have an uncanny ability to bring together the most lovely travel companions, nobody wants to be the lone Baby Boomer in a sea of millennials and young Gen Xers.

So we created an Experience exclusively for the wise among us. Curated itineraries, top-to-bottom service and amenities, and the promise of traveling the world with a group of your peers.

The Fahari Collection was inspired by the splendor and majesty of the world’s most intriguing destinations, coupled with the decadence of luxury travel, and distinguished by our commitment to creating the most authentic, immersive travel experiences on the planet.

Because when you’re brave enough to step away from the trappings of your day-to-day rhythms and obligations, curious enough to immerse yourself in the culture of a faraway mountain village, resourceful enough to negotiate the tangled streets of a foreign metropolis — that’s when you finally get to see what the world is waiting to show you.

The Fahari Collection is designed for travelers who:

The Swahili word fahari translates as ‘splendor.’ But it means so much more than that. 


Unlike limitless energy, questionable fashion choices, and the ability to sleep for 15 hours straight, the magnetic pull of travel isn’t something you outgrow. If anything, it intensifies with age. 

No matter how much you’ve seen, there’s always more undiscovered territory. People who can teach you things. Natural beauty that stuns you into silence. Renowned works of art you have yet to lay eyes on. International delicacies to try for the first time.

The splendor of this world will never stop calling to you. The only question is — are you ready to answer?

When you travel with us, everything is taken care of, from flight-planning assistance, to high-end accommodations, to a curated itinerary of immersive, exclusive experiences that a casual tourist simply wouldn’t have access to.

The Fahari Collection is the perfect combination of luxury and adventure. It was created for the discerning, curious explorer, ready to see the world on their own terms.

WHAT YOU'LL experience

+ Luxury lodging
+ Ground transport throughout your itinerary
+ Day trips to nearby attractions
+ Professional photographs 
+ Plenty of down time for solo exploring
+ 7 - 10 days of international bliss 

+ A travel concierge to help with flights
+ Personalized arrival instructions
+ Private photoshoot with our photographer
+ Email, chat & phone support 

+ Private cooking lessons with a local chef
+ Island day trip
+ Intimate meals in the home of locals
+ Guided walks & garden tours
+ Intimate lunches in an art gallery






sample activities

The collection

On this extended 10-day Experience, you’ll witness the stunning sea-to-sky beauty of Cape Town, from its vibrant coastline and eclectic downtown area, to the breathtaking vistas of nearby Table Mountain — before venturing into the beating heart of South Africa, the historical and cultural mecca that is Johannesburg.

Your stay begins in a luxury hotel surrounded by Cape Town’s famous gardens. During your time in the Mother City, you’ll spend an intimate day in Langa, the city’s oldest Black Township, and the location of much historical resistance to apartheid. You’ll get whisked away to spend a day relishing in South Africa’s premier wine-producing region.

In your free time, explore Cape Town’s neon-colored neighborhoods, hop a rotating cable car to the top of Table Mountain, do some shopping at the bustling waterfront, or sample the city’s famous braai.

After four days in the jewel of the Western Cape, we travel inland to South Africa’s largest and most inspiring city. From the Apartheid Museum to Constitution Hill, Johannesburg is dripping with history, intrigue, and heart. Its city center is undergoing an astonishing urban rebirth, and its cultural life has never been so dynamic. Once considered a place to avoid, Jozi is now one of the most happening metropolises in the world.

You’ll stay in a 5-star hotel set in one of Jozi's nicest suburbs, but close enough to explore Jozi like a local. Take a guided tour through Maboneng, the hub of culture and business in Jo’burg before dinner at one of the most unique spaces in the city. Learn to prepare an authentic South African meal at the home of one of the country's best chefs. 

the amalfi coast


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On the Southern Coast of Italy, just south of Naples, the Amalfi Coast winds its way along the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, an unexpected intersection of resorts with breathtaking views, dramatically perched cliffside towns, and ancient ruins. 

You’ll arrive and depart from Naples, where — if you can arrange for some extra time — you can visit the city’s historic castles, sample its super-strong coffee, and dine on the best pizza in the world. We’ll provide three shuttles to and from the Naples airport.

Instead of sitting in traffic in an attempt to visit as many coastal cities as possible, you’ll be staying put in a hillside village drenched in fragrant gardens and breathtaking views. During your stay, you’ll immerse yourself in the region’s rarefied blend of classic Italian cuisine, ancient Greek influence, relaxed seaside culture, and trendy modern amenities.

In a private cooking class, you’ll learn to prepare classic Southern Italian cuisine. All week long, you’ll dine on homemade pasta, fresh seafood, and locally grown vegetables. Spend a morning on a local lemon farm set in one of the area’s many mountainside farms, learning the ancient methods of lemon cultivation, and dining al fresco on a lemon-inspired lunch. 

In your free time — which we make sure you have a lot of — you can explore Ravello’s historic cathedrals, wind through its zigzagging lanes, and stroll through the quaint markets. 

Spend a day in Soweto, a township immersed in cultural significance and home to the struggle against apartheid. 

On your free day, visit Jozi's extensive botanical gardens, visit the city’s many museums, or get to know your fellow travelers over a candlelit dinner.

But we saved the best for last — an afternoon with local artists, who will share stories and offer varying perspectives on South African art, before inviting us to lunch with them to discuss where you really are — Africa. 

Travel Noire will handle every detail, including personalized arrival instructions, lodging in a beautiful luxury hotel, all ground transportation, as well as providing a professional photographer to document every moment. We speak over seven South African languages, so no language barrier will get in the way of a truly immersive experience.

We’ll also be taking a day trip to the island of Capri, known for its deep-blue waters (including the famous Blue Grotto) and ever present lemon scent. You’ll have the day to explore the island’s museums and shops, or rent a bike and ride around like the locals.

The Amalfi Coast is one of UNESCO’s Protected World Heritage Sites, which means its rambling skyline and glittering views are protected from the sprawling development that tends to happen in such destinations. For that reason, this little corner of Italy still exudes the quaint, romantic feeling that has drawn some of the world’s most famous writers, artists, and sculptors to its shores.

Travel Noire will handle every detail, including personalized arrival instructions, lodging in a beautiful boutique hotel, all ground transportation (and the boat ride to Capri), as well as providing a professional photographer to document every lemon-scented moment.

"I’ve only taken shorter plane rides, so I was a tad apprehensive to travel for so long to so far away. I wondered if I would feel sick or swollen on the plane or if I'd be too tired to keep up with all of the action in Bali. That wasn’t the case at all.

I loved every single thing about this Experience. The carefully curated activities were perfect for getting an off-the-beaten-path feel for the culture. After traveling with Travel Noire, I know that I don't ever want to visit an international destination, for the first time, without them. 

I feel so much more accomplished because I did things that I wasn't sure that I could do. I know that my experience wouldn’t have been this rich without them. It was packed with just enough of everything! 

If you’re thinking about coming on a TN Experience, just know that you really get more than your money's worth. They took care of everything & traveling with them was just so effortless. I’ve already shared this experience many times over with my dearest friends.

From the welcome dinner to the hotel to our awesome Experience Designer, to the well thought out activities, great restaurants, and private photographer in secret corners getting great candids — everything was wonderful. I'm so proud of Travel Noire for the incredible job you are doing with this top notch boutique company. Nothing was left to chance!"


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